Team Captains

Walker Fundraising Page

Team Captain Tools

  1. Why Should My Company Participate
  2. Build Your Kidney Walk Dream Team
  3. What is a Family and Friends Team?
  4. Registering Your Returning Team Instructions
  5. Using Your Walker Center
  6. Sample Vendor Campaign Letter

Keep checking back for updates.

6 thoughts on “Team Captains

  1. I’m Karel and i believe in the gift of life.I would like to become in a living donor but i don’t know how to rich these people in need of a donor.

    • Absolutely. Please send me your email and I will send it over to you. There is also a sample solicitation email in your walker center and similar samples in the team captain center and walker center on your walk homepage.

  2. Please send me the email , Nees a sample letter to send to othe Physicans offices not Nephrologist to encourage them to join the walk or donate , Thanks for your help

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