Two Dialysis Centers, One Kidney Walk Team

Inspired by Team Work: Satellite Healthcare at the NKF Kidney Walks

Half Orange plus half Laguna Hills, equals one dynamic Satellite Healthcare Kidney Walk team called Orange County Half and Half.

“We were all a team doing this together,” Team Captain Candice Brewer said of her team that included Satellite Healthcare’s Orange, Calif. dialysis center and Satellite Healthcare’s Laguna Hills, Calif. dialysis center.

As a Charge Nurse at the Orange dialysis center, Candice knows the importance of working together for a common goal. Every day, she works with dialysis patients and a skilled team of nephrology nurses, social workers, dietitians and patient care technicians.

Their goal in the Satellite Healthcare centers: Making Life Better for Those Living with Kidney Disease.Their goal for the Orange County NKF Kidney Walk: $4,300

Fundraising toward their goal

The team, Orange County Half and Half, reached and then exceeded their walk goal thanks to every team member’s efforts. This included restaurant fundraisers, a recycling program, social media and simply asking for help.

Every bit counts! Orange County Half and Half began collecting items to recycle months before the walk.

Every bit counts! Orange County Half and Half began collecting items to recycle months before the walk.

“I talked to staff and patients individually about it whenever I could. One patient raised over $600 himself and I was just amazed and surprised that he was getting so involved,” Candice recalled.

Cathy Wilson-Bates, an active team member, followed Candice’s lead, raising $800 in her first week.







Satellite Healthcare Orange and Satellite Healthcare Laguna Hills staff and their families enjoyed bonding time during a team restaurant fundraising event.

“Candice’s energy and excited-ness would just spread throughout the centers. It was a chain reaction,” Cathy said.

The team grew stronger thanks to the support of NKF’s local office, which held regular team captain group calls, walk kickoffs and visited each of the team’s centers in Southern California.

“NKF’s support helped me overcome any challenge I came across, and helped me understand how best to reach out to people. NKF’s inspirational walk video and stories made me feel like my heart was more involved,” Candice said.

One big family

Even patients and their families were excited for the walk!

Even patients and their families were excited for the walk!

As the heart of the two-center team, Candice saw the team become one big family as staff, patients and family members joined in.

“The patients felt, ‘Wow, they’re really connected.’ They didn’t see it as Laguna Hills and Orange. The patients saw the comradery and how positive that was for the greater good,” Cathy observed.

Patients on the team were proud to raise awareness about kidney disease in their community by walking alongside their dialysis center care team. That team includes dialysis nurses, patient care technicians, renal dietitians and social workers. The care team at Laguna Hills and Orange provide dialysis services through hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


Satellite Healthcare: A part of the CKD Community

The Orange County NKF Kidney Walk was the culmination of all their hard work, and it was evident to all who put their walking shoes on.

“Attending the Kidney Walk in Orange County was a blast. I enjoyed being a team member of this strong and successful group of individuals who came together to raise funds for and awareness of kidney disease. Our Satellite Healthcare team exemplified our company’s mission and values. We are so proud to be a part of this CKD community,” said Robin Maita, Regional Vice President at Satellite Healthcare, who was one of the 91 Orange County Half and Half team members.

Half and Half team members taking a selfie at the Satellite booth.

Half and Half team members taking a selfie at the Satellite booth.

Satellite Healthcare, a not-for-profit provider of kidney dialysis services, has been a strong supporter of NKF for more than 40 years. The Satellite Healthcare National NKF Kidney Walk Team participates in 11 walks through about 30 local teams.

Satellite Healthcare has a well-recognized, enduring commitment to philanthropy and the CKD community, from funding millions of dollars in research grants to sponsoring kidney walks nationwide. Satellite is committed to advancing the standard of chronic kidney disease care so patients can enjoy a better life.

To learn more about what Satellite Healthcare, a leading nonprofit provider of kidney dialysis and related services, is doing to shape our industry and elevate the standards of patient care and innovation, visit


HP Tops Kidney Walk Fundraising in 2014!

HP (2)
Hewlett-Packard (HP) employees have redefined what it means to make a difference by becoming the top corporate Kidney Walk team for the second consecutive year.

In May and June, over 200 HP staff and family members registered for the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Kidney Walks and together raised more than $52,000 to support the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Their hard work fighting kidney disease in the Bay Area has set the bar for corporate walk teams across the nation.

HP (1)“The amount of support and enthusiasm that our HP team generated was beyond
my wildest imagination, and it reminded me why I am so proud to work for this company,” said Rebecca Gelenberg, organizer of HP’s 2014 walk efforts. “The employees here truly believe in making an impact in their communities and everyone was so willing to give their time and their money to this important cause.”

For the second year in a row, Team 3Par, a division within HP led by Dan Dias and Dolores Montano, led the pack in fundraising. 3Par successfully raised over $22,000.  Not only did they raise a huge amount of money but they showed up in force with 68 walkers. Independent of employee efforts, HP also contributed $10,000 as a Platinum Sponsor for the Silicon Valley Kidney Walk.

Last year, HP took up the kidney disease cause with gusto, surpassing the previous $35,000 corporate walk fundraising record, while HP CEO Meg Whitman and HP Board Member Ann Livermore were honored as the Bay Area Corporate Walk Chairs. Livermore has a personal connection to kidney disease — she received a kidney transplant in 2005 and has been an advocate for organ donation and kidney disease awareness.

“It’s great to see HP employees build on the momentum and really understand why this is such an important public health issue in our country,” said Livermore, a former HP Executive Vice President. “As a company, HP pledges to Make it Matter. It’s impressive to see HP employees live up to that motto by making a difference in the lives of kidney patients in our community.”

In California alone, more than 55,000 people receive dialysis treatment for kidney failure and 18,000 are on the waiting list for a life-saving kidney transplant. It is estimated that 1 in 9 Californians have kidney disease, and most don’t know it because symptoms usually appear late in the disease’s progression.

HP (3)“Many of us were shocked to learn how prevalent kidney disease is and how many people are impacted either personally or through friends and family,” said Rebecca. “We are proud to get the word out, and to represent the mission of the National Kidney Foundation. The work that they do is so important to our communities, and it is an honor to support them.”

Drum Roll Please…


We could not fulfill the mission of the National Kidney Foundation without the support of our volunteers and partners.  We are pleased to welcome back Equus Capital Partners and Madison Apartment Group for their third year as National Teams for Kidney Walk.  Both teams started particpating in their local Kidney Walk in Philadelphia and have grown to involve thier staff across the country.  THANK YOU EQUUS and MADISON for all your support!



Equus Capital Partners, formerly BPG Properties, Ltd. is one of the nation’s leading private equity real estate fund managers.  Equus’ portfolio consists of over 24 million square feet of office, retail, student housing, and industrial properties and more than 18,000 apartment units in over 70 communities located throughout the United States. The firm is headquartered in the Philadelphia area with regional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham. For additional information, please visit the company’s website at



Madison Apartment Group, L.P. is the multi-family operating arm of Equus Capital Partners, Ltd., one of the nation’s leading private equity real estate fund managers.  Since its formation in 2001, Madison has overseen the operations and management of Equus’ multi-family interests throughout the United States.  Currently, the company manages nearly 18,000 apartment units in over 70 multi-family communities on behalf of Equus.  For additional information, please visit the company’s website at

Go For the Gold

Watching the Olympics wondering what it’d be like to win a medal?  Well now you can ‘go for the gold’ by building your Kidney Walk Dream Team.  Okay, so you might not get to stand on the podium, but you will be making a difference in the lives of millions of Americans who are both living with kidney disease and those at risk and that feels just as good!

To get started building your dream team follow these simple steps, then check out the documents under the team tab for additional tips and resources to help you be successful.

  1. Create a memorable team identity.
  2. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join your team.
  3. Encourage your team members to recruit others to join the team.
  4. Motivate everyone to ask for support so they reach their goals.
  5. Celebrate reaching your goal (and getting the gold) at Kidney Walk.

Have some ideas to add…please share them here and you might just see them posted on a Walk Talk Wednesday in the future.

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Please Give A Round of Applause To…

Welcome to Walk Talk Wednesday! Today we are celebrating our Top Dialysis Teams from across the country for the Spring 2012 Kidney Walk season.  A special congratulations to our Top Dialysis Team,  Fresenius Kidney Beings, who participated in the Western Maryland Kidney Walk.  Fresenius Kidney Beings raised $11,456.95 to support the 2012 Kidney Walk!!! Thank You Fresenius! Below is a picture of some of their team members at the walk.

There are many more dialysis teams who contributed to the success of the Spring Kidney Walks. Below is a full list of our Top 25 DialysisTeams from the Spring Season.

 Event Name Event Date Team Name  Total 
2012   Western Maryland Kidney Walk 5/20/2012 Fresenius   Kidney Beings $11,456.95
2012 Austin Walk 5/12/2012 Southwood   Steppers $8,744.95
2012 Houston Walk 4/14/2012 W.E.’s   for Kidneys $7,447.00
2012 Orlando Kidney Walk 3/25/2012 Team   UltraCare Orlando2012 $6,868.92
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 SEMKC $6,865.00
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 FMC   Cass River $5,234.00
2012 Western Maryland Kidney Walk 5/20/2012 Frederick   Dialysis $4,611.05
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 Kresge   Inkredibles $4,519.24
2012 Miami Walk 2/19/2012 DaVita   All-stars $4,256.00
2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk 4/29/2012 HCC-New   Britain General Hospital $4,127.00
2012 Baltimore Kidney Walk 5/6/2012 bertha   in stride $4,126.51
2012 Memphis Walk 6/2/2012 Giving   Life Gang $3,905.00
2012 Upstate Walk 4/28/2012 Freemont   Freedom Fighters $3,870.40
2012 Silicon Valley Walk 6/9/2012 El   Camino Hospital Dialysis $3,860.00
2012 Cincinnati Walk 6/3/2012 Winton   Winners $3,772.00
2012 Houston Walk 4/14/2012 Fresenius   Medical Care – West Houston Area $3,761.00
2012 Silicon Valley Walk 6/9/2012 Awesome   Blossom $3,708.00
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 Lasher   Jaks $3,611.85
2012 Central New Jersey Walk 6/3/2012 Princeton   Pirates $3,488.00
2012 Carolinas Kidney Walk 4/14/2012 Transplant   Trotters $3,480.00
2012 East Tennessee Walk 5/20/2012 DAVITA $3,228.00
2012 Northeast Ohio Walk 6/10/2012 Team   DaVita CLE/Akron/Canton $3,171.00
2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk 4/29/2012 Avantus   Renal Therapy of Ct. $3,144.00
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 FMC   Saint Clair Shores $3,055.00
2012 Dallas Walk 4/21/2012 Fresenius   West Plano $2,831.00

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Going Mobile is the Way to Go!

Kidney Walk is mobile which means it is now easier to reach your fundraising goal than ever before! You can ask friends and family to donate, check your fundraising progress and thank donors for their gifts all from the palm of your hands.  Our walkers who have downloaded the app for their iPhone and Android devices agree it’s and easy way to fundraise.

Below are some testimonials from walkers who have already gone mobile for Kidney Walk.  Scroll down for links to the app store.

 “The Kidney Walk app was so easy to download and use.” – Ruth, MI

“I was shocked at how many more people I could ask for support right from the app.  It was so easy and I surpassed my goal.” -Ron, TX

“The app store is easy to navigate and the Kidney Foundation makes it easy to find by including links in their correspondence.  It was fun to be able to track my progress right from my phone!” – Stacy, NJ

“I use my smartphone for everything, so adding the [Kidney Walk] app was a logical fit.  Once I downloaded it, the support came pouring in and I was able to reach my goal.” – Greg, MD

Remember the app will only work for registered walkers so go to and sign-up for a walk near you.

If you’re on your mobile device you can download the apps now by clicking these links: iPhone App Store or Android App Store

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Double Your Impact for Kidney Walk

You’ve just made a personal donation, sent out emails to family and friends and downloaded the Kidney Walk app for your phone…but you want to do more.  Matching gifts are a quick and easy way to double your impact and further help the National Kidney Foundation.  Matching gifts are a way to engage your employer in your fundraising efforts for Kidney Walk and help the NKF support the 26 million Americans living with chronic kidney disease and the 73 million Americans at risk because they have high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of kidney disease.

You can access our matching gift information by visiting

Click here to download information about matching gifts that you can share with fellow walkers and donors to have their impact doubled too!

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