We Walk With You!

Proud Sponsor of NKF

Did you know that Fresenius Vascular Care (FVC) was the first national sponsor of the National Kidney Foundation Walks?

It’s true. Since 2000, we have been a national sponsor of the Kidney Walks and we proudly continue the tradition as a national team in 2016 and beyond. Our sponsorship reflects our company’s long-standing desire to support the NKF’s initiative to help prevent kidney disease, support dialysis patients, and lead the way in treatment and education.

Team FVC- Beyond Sponsorship

Nineteen years, twenty-six teams, eighteen states, and over $90,000 raised by just FVC teams alone.

These numbers describe the commitment that Team FVC (formerly Team American Access Care) has made by supporting the National Kidney Foundation walks across the US. However, our commitment to the Kidney Foundation’s mission goes far beyond numbers.  We created our teams so that we could walk alongside, as well as in support of, our patients living with kidney disease and ESRD.  This is evident year after year when employees from our outpatient vascular centers continue to sign up with enthusiasm and volunteer their time to walk, fundraise, and raise awareness for all things kidney disease related.

At the conclusion of 2016, we will have walked in Florida, New York, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Indiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina.  We’ve covered more than 100 miles and look forward to 100 more!

Come walk with us in 2017!

FVC is excited to be participating in the Kidney Walk again in 2017.  To date, we have donated $476,500 in sponsorship and campaign dollars.  And our employees are very excited, too! Throughout the years FVC employees have demonstrated their generosity with time and donations and we couldn’t be more honored to have them on our team.

We walk for many reasons, not just because it’s tradition.  We walk for our patients suffering from kidney disease and their friends and families. We walk for our own friends and families.  We walk to educate and raise awareness of kidney disease and other related conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney stones, and kidney failure. We walk to bring awareness on the importance of keeping your dialysis access healthy.  We walk for you.

Join FVC at the 2017 National Kidney Foundation Walks!


Who we are

FVC is a leader in freestanding interventional outpatient centers across the United States.  We are a proud affiliate of Fresenius Medical Care North America, the world’s largest provider of dialysis services and products.  We understand the challenges ESRD patients face every day so we are constantly improving how we can best support our patients.

What we do best

Maintaining your dialysis access is our #1 priority!

At FVC, we focus our energy on providing excellent clinical outcomes, with an exceptional patient experience. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our patients. At our centers, you’ll find a team of dialysis access management specialists who are experts in the creation, maintenance, and preservation of dialysis accesses.  You can feel confident that the team safeguarding the health of your dialysis access will result in fewer missed dialysis treatments and lower rates of hospitalization so there is minimal disruption to your normal routine.

Your health is important to us and we’re here to guide you.  We make sure that you understand your condition and the treatments needed to maintain your well-being.  FVC – compassionate care with clinical excellence.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about dialysis access, and what we do, make sure to visit us at http://www.InfoDialysisAccess.com, which is home to a wealth of information related to dialysis access issues, a patient-centered blog, and resources for our patients to help keep their access healthy and improve their quality of life on dialysis.

Also, make sure to look for our booth at the Kidney Walks.  We would love to speak with you and your families!

Working for Kidney Patients Inside and Outside the Lab

For Relypsa, a biotech innovation company based in Redwood, CA, it’s not enough to develop life-saving therapeutics for kidney patients.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of patients on all levels,” said Alex Dobbin, Associate Director of Investor Relations at Relypsa. “Our patient-first focus has translated to our business goals and our community involvement.”

The company and its employees have embraced their patient focus by partnering with, and supporting, the National Kidney Foundation through the Kidney Walk.

As a company, Relypsa has developed the first approved medicine in more than 50 years to treat hyperkalemia, a life-threatening condition common in kidney patients who have or are approaching kidney failure. As a walk team, Relypsa has raised over $66,000 at Kidney Walks across the San Francisco Bay Area over the past two years.

“The Kidney Walk is a great opportunity to come together and help out the community,” Dobbin said.  “It’s a way for us to express the values that make our company and employees unique. We responded by coming together and celebrating the community we’re working for.”

Many employees at Relypsa have personal connections to kidney disease. Paulynn Dorotheo, Director of Consultant Data Management at Relypsa, had a grandfather pass away from kidney disease. Other Relypsa employees have similar connections to kidney disease.

“For many of us, it’s a family disease,” Dorotheo said. “So our participation is personal, and it’s our way of helping others while we’re working to prolong and improve the quality of life for patients.”

In 2014, Relypsa Kidney Walkers raised $14,000. In 2015, the team raised over $38,003. With corporate sponsorship, Relypsa and their employees have raised over $66,000 in two years.

Funds raised by Relypsa have supported public awareness programs, free local kidney health screenings, NKF advocacy efforts and medical education for professionals across the country.

“The Kidney Walk is a special event for us because it brings us back to our mission,” Dobbin said. “We’re a purpose-led team, and Kidney Walks give us the chance to honor the patients we aim to serve and the values which bring us together.”

Relypsa Kidney Walkers

Relypsa Kidney Walkers

Making Life Better for Those Living with Kidney Disease

Inspired by Making Life Better for Those Living with Kidney Disease: Satellite Healthcare’s National Team at the NKF Kidney Walks

Satellite Healthcare teams made their way step-by-step through the U.S. participating in the NKF Kidney Walks.


Staff from WellBound of Evanston in Skokie, IL, had a great time at the Chicago walk!

More than 30 teams with almost 600 team members raised awareness and funds at 11 walks from California to New Jersey. These teams formed the Satellite Healthcare National Team lead by President and CEO Rick Barnett.

Satellite Healthcare’s Tennessee team at the Memphis walk.

Satellite Healthcare’s Tennessee team at the Memphis walk.

“Satellite Healthcare was founded on the mission that we could offer a full quality of life to those living with kidney disease. The Kidney Walks give us the opportunity to be a leader in the CKD community alongside NKF. Our National Team is a great representative of Satellite Healthcare’s mission and values based on community, respect and excellence,” said Rick.

Satellite staff in Arizona enjoyed the Phoenix walk with their little ones.

Satellite staff in Arizona enjoyed the Phoenix walk with their little ones.

Satellite Healthcare has been a strong supporter of NKF for more than 40 years thanks to the unwavering passion its founder Dr. Norman S. Coplon had for patients with kidney disease. Under the leadership of Dr. Coplon, Satellite sold anything and everything, including pom poms at sporting events, in support of NKF.

In honor of its founder, at each walk this year the Satellite Healthcare teams passed out pom poms.

Left: Dr. Coplon with one of his famous pom poms at an NKF rally. Right: Across the country, Satellite honored Dr. Coplon with pom pom giveaways this year.

Left: Dr. Coplon with one of his famous pom poms at an NKF rally. Right: Across the country, Satellite honored Dr. Coplon with pom pom giveaways this year.

Participating and providing multi-market support of the Kidney Walks is just one example of the not-for-profit’s philanthropy in the CKD community. Satellite Healthcare has a well-recognized, enduring commitment to philanthropy and the CKD community, from funding millions of dollars in research grants to sponsoring kidney walks nationwide.

Dr. Coplon’s family continue to serve as active members of the Satellite family. Above: His wife, Sandy, and his dog, Yonkel, enjoy the first East Bay Kidney Walk.

Dr. Coplon’s family continue to serve as active members of the Satellite family. Above: His wife, Sandy, and his dog, Yonkel, enjoy the first East Bay Kidney Walk.

Satellite is committed to advancing the standard of chronic kidney disease care so patients can enjoy a better life.

For more information about Satellite Healthcare’s founder and commitment to NKF, visit the Norman S. Coplon Memorial Fund.

Two Dialysis Centers, One Kidney Walk Team

Inspired by Team Work: Satellite Healthcare at the NKF Kidney Walks

Half Orange plus half Laguna Hills, equals one dynamic Satellite Healthcare Kidney Walk team called Orange County Half and Half.

“We were all a team doing this together,” Team Captain Candice Brewer said of her team that included Satellite Healthcare’s Orange, Calif. dialysis center and Satellite Healthcare’s Laguna Hills, Calif. dialysis center.

As a Charge Nurse at the Orange dialysis center, Candice knows the importance of working together for a common goal. Every day, she works with dialysis patients and a skilled team of nephrology nurses, social workers, dietitians and patient care technicians.

Their goal in the Satellite Healthcare centers: Making Life Better for Those Living with Kidney Disease.Their goal for the Orange County NKF Kidney Walk: $4,300

Fundraising toward their goal

The team, Orange County Half and Half, reached and then exceeded their walk goal thanks to every team member’s efforts. This included restaurant fundraisers, a recycling program, social media and simply asking for help.

Every bit counts! Orange County Half and Half began collecting items to recycle months before the walk.

Every bit counts! Orange County Half and Half began collecting items to recycle months before the walk.

“I talked to staff and patients individually about it whenever I could. One patient raised over $600 himself and I was just amazed and surprised that he was getting so involved,” Candice recalled.

Cathy Wilson-Bates, an active team member, followed Candice’s lead, raising $800 in her first week.







Satellite Healthcare Orange and Satellite Healthcare Laguna Hills staff and their families enjoyed bonding time during a team restaurant fundraising event.

“Candice’s energy and excited-ness would just spread throughout the centers. It was a chain reaction,” Cathy said.

The team grew stronger thanks to the support of NKF’s local office, which held regular team captain group calls, walk kickoffs and visited each of the team’s centers in Southern California.

“NKF’s support helped me overcome any challenge I came across, and helped me understand how best to reach out to people. NKF’s inspirational walk video and stories made me feel like my heart was more involved,” Candice said.

One big family

Even patients and their families were excited for the walk!

Even patients and their families were excited for the walk!

As the heart of the two-center team, Candice saw the team become one big family as staff, patients and family members joined in.

“The patients felt, ‘Wow, they’re really connected.’ They didn’t see it as Laguna Hills and Orange. The patients saw the comradery and how positive that was for the greater good,” Cathy observed.

Patients on the team were proud to raise awareness about kidney disease in their community by walking alongside their dialysis center care team. That team includes dialysis nurses, patient care technicians, renal dietitians and social workers. The care team at Laguna Hills and Orange provide dialysis services through hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


Satellite Healthcare: A part of the CKD Community

The Orange County NKF Kidney Walk was the culmination of all their hard work, and it was evident to all who put their walking shoes on.

“Attending the Kidney Walk in Orange County was a blast. I enjoyed being a team member of this strong and successful group of individuals who came together to raise funds for and awareness of kidney disease. Our Satellite Healthcare team exemplified our company’s mission and values. We are so proud to be a part of this CKD community,” said Robin Maita, Regional Vice President at Satellite Healthcare, who was one of the 91 Orange County Half and Half team members.

Half and Half team members taking a selfie at the Satellite booth.

Half and Half team members taking a selfie at the Satellite booth.

Satellite Healthcare, a not-for-profit provider of kidney dialysis services, has been a strong supporter of NKF for more than 40 years. The Satellite Healthcare National NKF Kidney Walk Team participates in 11 walks through about 30 local teams.

Satellite Healthcare has a well-recognized, enduring commitment to philanthropy and the CKD community, from funding millions of dollars in research grants to sponsoring kidney walks nationwide. Satellite is committed to advancing the standard of chronic kidney disease care so patients can enjoy a better life.

To learn more about what Satellite Healthcare, a leading nonprofit provider of kidney dialysis and related services, is doing to shape our industry and elevate the standards of patient care and innovation, visit www.SatelliteHealth.com.

A Rare Occurrence

Amen kids

Elizabeth, Matthew, William & Alex Thanksgiving 2014

Alex is just like any other 6-year-old: He attends kindergarten, plays soccer and baseball, enjoys riding his bike, and often can be found outside running around with his triplet brothers and older sister.

But Alex isn’t like other 6-year-olds. He suffers from chronic kidney disease.


Alex was born with one kidney, his left. As identical twins, he and brother Matthew split a pair of kidneys — Matthew has only the right kidney — a rare occurrence that doctors term a mirror anomaly.

Alex, Matthew & William on their birthday

Almost immediately after birth, Alex was diagnosed with a valve that blocked his ureter, which was damaging his solitary kidney. Because he and his brothers were born seven weeks premature, he was too little to have corrective surgery. So at 8 days old, he had surgery to circumvent the problem, then had surgery at 9 months old to remove the valve. Still, doctors informed us his kidney likely would never operate at full function and that, if his condition worsened, he could face the possibility of dialysis or transplantation later in life.

His chronic kidney disease is magnified by an issue with his bladder, discovered last year. While we have faith in his doctors and are encouraged by his treatments, we pray every day that his condition improves. At stage 3 kidney disease, he has no symptoms yet, and he’s the toughest person in the house.

Shortly after the boys’ birth, we had hoped to get involved with the National Kidney Foundation. We felt powerless to improve Alex’s condition, so we wanted to do anything we could to contribute to the search for a cure. But like most parents, we quickly became overwhelmed — times three!

Alex's A Team

Alex’s A Team at the Pittsburgh Kidney Walk

Alex Amen soccer game face

Alex at his soccer game

Finally, last year, we signed up for the Pittsburgh Kidney Walk. We were taken aback by the outpouring of support Alex received. That, coupled with the incredible people at the NKF Greater Alleghenies chapter such as Erin, Melissa and Jade, only strengthened our resolved to remain deeply committed to the cause. Since then, we have been fortunate enough to be invited to the Pittsburgh gala fundraiser and address the local board. In such a short period, we have met incredible people and have renewed hope for Alex.

Alex just recently had his check-ups with his nephrologist and urologist, and doctors remain optimistic about his progress.

Just in time, too. Alex’s soccer and baseball teams start play this week.

— Rob and Keightley, Alex’s parents


Written by: Alli, a 2014 National Kidney Walk Ambassador

Sorry everyone junior year has been hectic! I said I would talk about the modifications that you have to make to live your life to the fullest with kidney disease… so here it goes!

Being told “ YOU HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE” is the moment when your life changes forever. From there are on out you have to change your lease on life. I learned about all these big words like “glomerulsclerosis” and then came the medications. The most drastic change was having to take all of these drugs and not knowing what would happen or even why I had to take them. One thing that helped was knowing that I was in the hands of a very qualified nephrologist. A lot of people don’t even know where to start with how to modify their life so I suggest using kidney.org or anyone that you have connections to and of course, me!

Another modification that you will need to make is diet, some more modifications than others. I had to change sodium, potassium and dairy. I saw a nutritionist within the first month and it helped me greatly. The nutritionist I used was through my team of doctors that my nephrologist set up. WE ARE NOT ALONE. Your doctors will always be there for you. Also, you should use sodium girls YouTube account or use kidney.org for weekly ideas on recipes to create that are kidney friendly. However, even with all these modifications there are side effects especially depression and that is why I am here and the whole kidney community to make your day a little bit brighter with some words of wisdom.

There are 26 million of us and we all our family.  If you would like to speak to me personally please leave your email or a way for me to contact you and I would love to talk. Enjoy May and hope all the mother’s out there had a Happy Mother’s Day!

Greetings from guest blogger Alli Young, a 2014 National Kidney Walk Ambassador!

Written by: Alli, a 2014 National Kidney Walk Ambassador

Hi everybody my name is Alli Young and I am from New Jersey! At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, specifically Focal Segmental Glomerulsclerosis (FSGS). I was misdiagnosed multiple times and because of that I have had a significant loss of kidney function. I was diagnosed at the beginning of my freshman year and while everyone was picking out his or her first day of school outfits, I was at the doctor’s office trying to figure out how to treat this disease that turned my life upside down. One thing that I have learned in the past two years is that kidney disease does not define me and that it only motivates me to be a better person.

For the past two and a half years I have been volunteering with the National Kidney Foundation. I have raised over $10,000 and formed my own team called Alli’s Army. I love to initiate new relationships with people and motivate them to live life to the fullest. Last year I was the Kids for Kidneys Captain and this year I am the Ambassador of the National Kidney Foundation. Inspiration can only come from within and even when I am having a bad day I turn it around by putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Enough about me what you should really know is that there is a life beyond kidney disease and any disease as a matter of fact. When life gives you lemons you make bright yellow lemonade.

Every week I will be blogging about a different topic on kidney disease and if you have any questions or just want to talk I will always be here for you. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to learn about your journey and educate you about kidney disease!! Next weeks topic will be about how kidney disease changes your life and what modifications you will have to make to live your life the way you want to live it.

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”  –Tom Stoppard