HP Makes It Matter

At HP, they say if you’re going to do something, Make It Matter.

HP_2103It was a message HP employees took to heart last month, when over 200 staff members registered for the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Kidney Walks.

With HP CEO Meg Whitman and HP Board Member Ann Livermore leading the charge as the Bay Area Corporate Walk Chairs, HP teams have collectively raised over $73,000 in support of the National Kidney Foundation – making them the top corporate team in the nation.

“Of course this cause is personal for me, but when we look more broadly across HP we have many employees who have kidney disease or have friends or family members who have been impacted by this disease,” said Livermore, a former HP Executive Vice President who received a kidney transplant in 2005. “That experience opened my eyes to how many people are impacted by kidney disease in this country… The cost of kidney disease is monumental, but most significantly is the toll it takes on American lives. I was fortunate enough to receive a kidney transplant. That is not the case for many people on the waiting list.”

In California alone, more than 50,000 people receive dialysis treatment for kidney failure and 17,500 are on the waiting list for a life-saving kidney transplant. It is estimated that 1 in 9 Californians have kidney disease, and most don’t know it because symptoms usually appear late in the disease’s progression.

Independent of their team’s Kidney Walk efforts, HP also contributed $10,000 as a Platinum Sponsor for both the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Kidney Walks.

“At HP we say, if you are going to do something, Make it Matter,” said Whitman. “With 73 million Americans at risk for developing kidney disease, we know that supporting the National Kidney Foundation’s awareness, prevention and treatment programs can indeed make it matter.”



Fundraising is Easy!

Walk_Lockup_NewLogo        How To Raise $300 In A Week:

 Day 1:  Start by sponsoring yourself for $30.  Set up your personal Kidney Walk fundraising webpage and email your friends to sponsor you.

Day 2:  Ask two family members to sponsor you for $30 each.

Day 3:  Ask four friends to contribute $10 each.

Day 4:  Ask three co-workers to sponsor you for $10 each.

Day 5:  Ask four neighbors to contribute $10 cash.

Day 6:  Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50.

Day 7:  Ask a business you frequent for $50.

 The key is to ask! 

The answer is always no, unless you ask!

Maximizing Your Kidney Walk Center

You’re signed up for Kidney Walk and now what? You’re encouraged to send emails, but where do you do that? You want to recruit people to walk with you, but how?

The answers lie in your Kidney Walk Center…your personal dashboard to creating the best fundraising experience possible. From your Kidney Walk Center, you can:

  • Invite others to walk with you
  • Send emails to friends and family asking to support
  • Download the Facebook fundraising app
  • Monitor your Team/Personal progress
  • Personalize your Team/Personal pages

Click here to download a one-page guide to navigating your Kidney Walk Center. When you use your walk center, the sky’s the limit!

Thank you for your continued support!Walk_Lockup_NewLogo

Spring 2013 Kidney Walks are ready to go!

Team Captain CenterIt’s getting cold outside, but we are already thinking ahead to Spring and Kidney Walk.  It’s never too early to get registered for the Kidney Walk near you and many of our Spring 2013 walks are already live at KidneyWalk.org.  See below for the list of walks you can expect to find when you visit our site.

  • 03/23/13       Fort Worth Walk                      Fort Worth, TX
  • 04/13/13       Austin Walk                             Austin, TX
  • 04/14/13       Triad Kidney Walk                   Kernersville, NC
  • 04/14/13       Southern Deleware Walk        Lewes, DE
  • 04/14/13       Houston Walk                         Houston, TX
  • 04/14/13       Knoxville Walk                        Knoxville, TN
  • 04/21/13       Northern Virginia Walk           Reston, VA
  • 04/21/13       Upstate Walk                          Greenville, SC
  • 04/23/13       San Antonio Walk                   San Antonio, TX
  • 04/27/13       Dallas Walk                            Dallas, TX
  • 04/27/13       St. Louis Walk                        St. Louis, MO
  • 04/28/13       Hartford/Springfield Walk       Manchester, CT
  • 04/28/13       San Francisco Walk               San Francisco, CA
  • 04/28/13       Northern New Jersey Walk    Paramus, NJ
  • 05/04/13       Central Iowa Walk                 W Des Moines, IA
  • 05/05/13       San Diego Walk                     San Diego, CA
  • 05/05/13       Long Island Walk                   Hempstead, NY
  • 05/05/13       Omaha Walk                          Omaha, NE
  • 05/11/13       Georgetown Walk                  Washington, DC
  • 05/13/13       Lancaster, PA Walk               Lancaster, PA
  • 05/18/13       Carolinas Walk                      Charlotte, NC
  • 05/18/13       Hampton Roads Walk           Virginia Beach, VA
  • 05/18/13       Watertown Walk                    Watertown, SD
  • 05/18/13       Duluth Walk                           Duluth, MN
  • 05/19/13       Colorado Walk                       Denver, CO
  • 05/19/13       Fairfield County Walk            Westport, CT
  • 05/19/13       Wheeling, WV Walk              Wheeling, WV
  • 05/19/13       Central PA Walk                    York, PA
  • 06/01/13       Fargo, ND Walk                     Fargo, ND
  • 06/02/13       Orange County Walk             Irvine, CA
  • 06/02/13       Cincinnati Walk                      Cincinnati, OH
  • 06/02/13       Central New Jersey Walk      Trenton, NJ
  • 06/08/13       Erie Walk                               Erie, PA
  • 06/08/13       Silicon Valley Walk                San Jose, CA
  • 06/08/13       Atlanta Walk                          Atlanta, GA
  • 06/09/13       Northeast Ohio Walk             Cleveland, OH
  • 06/15/13       Billings, MT Walk                   Billings, MT
  • 06/22/13       Sioux Falls Walk                    Sioux Falls, SD
  • Spring 2013 Portland, OR Walk                 Portland, OR

Also, follow us on Twitter and use our official hashtag #kidneywalk.

Go For the Gold

Watching the Olympics wondering what it’d be like to win a medal?  Well now you can ‘go for the gold’ by building your Kidney Walk Dream Team.  Okay, so you might not get to stand on the podium, but you will be making a difference in the lives of millions of Americans who are both living with kidney disease and those at risk and that feels just as good!

To get started building your dream team follow these simple steps, then check out the documents under the team tab for additional tips and resources to help you be successful.

  1. Create a memorable team identity.
  2. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join your team.
  3. Encourage your team members to recruit others to join the team.
  4. Motivate everyone to ask for support so they reach their goals.
  5. Celebrate reaching your goal (and getting the gold) at Kidney Walk.

Have some ideas to add…please share them here and you might just see them posted on a Walk Talk Wednesday in the future.

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Please Give A Round of Applause To…

Welcome to Walk Talk Wednesday! Today we are celebrating our Top Dialysis Teams from across the country for the Spring 2012 Kidney Walk season.  A special congratulations to our Top Dialysis Team,  Fresenius Kidney Beings, who participated in the Western Maryland Kidney Walk.  Fresenius Kidney Beings raised $11,456.95 to support the 2012 Kidney Walk!!! Thank You Fresenius! Below is a picture of some of their team members at the walk.

There are many more dialysis teams who contributed to the success of the Spring Kidney Walks. Below is a full list of our Top 25 DialysisTeams from the Spring Season.

 Event Name Event Date Team Name  Total 
2012   Western Maryland Kidney Walk 5/20/2012 Fresenius   Kidney Beings $11,456.95
2012 Austin Walk 5/12/2012 Southwood   Steppers $8,744.95
2012 Houston Walk 4/14/2012 W.E.’s   for Kidneys $7,447.00
2012 Orlando Kidney Walk 3/25/2012 Team   UltraCare Orlando2012 $6,868.92
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 SEMKC $6,865.00
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 FMC   Cass River $5,234.00
2012 Western Maryland Kidney Walk 5/20/2012 Frederick   Dialysis $4,611.05
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 Kresge   Inkredibles $4,519.24
2012 Miami Walk 2/19/2012 DaVita   All-stars $4,256.00
2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk 4/29/2012 HCC-New   Britain General Hospital $4,127.00
2012 Baltimore Kidney Walk 5/6/2012 bertha   in stride $4,126.51
2012 Memphis Walk 6/2/2012 Giving   Life Gang $3,905.00
2012 Upstate Walk 4/28/2012 Freemont   Freedom Fighters $3,870.40
2012 Silicon Valley Walk 6/9/2012 El   Camino Hospital Dialysis $3,860.00
2012 Cincinnati Walk 6/3/2012 Winton   Winners $3,772.00
2012 Houston Walk 4/14/2012 Fresenius   Medical Care – West Houston Area $3,761.00
2012 Silicon Valley Walk 6/9/2012 Awesome   Blossom $3,708.00
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 Lasher   Jaks $3,611.85
2012 Central New Jersey Walk 6/3/2012 Princeton   Pirates $3,488.00
2012 Carolinas Kidney Walk 4/14/2012 Transplant   Trotters $3,480.00
2012 East Tennessee Walk 5/20/2012 DAVITA $3,228.00
2012 Northeast Ohio Walk 6/10/2012 Team   DaVita CLE/Akron/Canton $3,171.00
2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk 4/29/2012 Avantus   Renal Therapy of Ct. $3,144.00
2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 FMC   Saint Clair Shores $3,055.00
2012 Dallas Walk 4/21/2012 Fresenius   West Plano $2,831.00

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Going Mobile is the Way to Go!

Kidney Walk is mobile which means it is now easier to reach your fundraising goal than ever before! You can ask friends and family to donate, check your fundraising progress and thank donors for their gifts all from the palm of your hands.  Our walkers who have downloaded the app for their iPhone and Android devices agree it’s and easy way to fundraise.

Below are some testimonials from walkers who have already gone mobile for Kidney Walk.  Scroll down for links to the app store.

 “The Kidney Walk app was so easy to download and use.” – Ruth, MI

“I was shocked at how many more people I could ask for support right from the app.  It was so easy and I surpassed my goal.” -Ron, TX

“The app store is easy to navigate and the Kidney Foundation makes it easy to find by including links in their correspondence.  It was fun to be able to track my progress right from my phone!” – Stacy, NJ

“I use my smartphone for everything, so adding the [Kidney Walk] app was a logical fit.  Once I downloaded it, the support came pouring in and I was able to reach my goal.” – Greg, MD

Remember the app will only work for registered walkers so go to www.kidneywalk.org and sign-up for a walk near you.

If you’re on your mobile device you can download the apps now by clicking these links: iPhone App Store or Android App Store

Follow us on Twitter @NKF  #kidneywalk.