Why I Walk: Kristy-An Ferracci


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Kristy-An Ferracci is not only a kidney donor, she works every day helping people living with kidney failure as a patient care technician for Fresenius Kidney Care. She is one of the most successful National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk fundraisers in the country. As chair of the Southern Delaware Kidney Walk, the Southern Delaware team raised over $11,000 last year under her leadership.

“I’m motivated by my desire to raise awareness for people living with kidney disease,” said Kristy-An. “I want everyone to know that there are great treatments and options that can help people thrive and accomplish their goals for their health and beyond.”

Kristy-An and her husband, Michael, walk together each year. In good health after receiving a kidney from Kristy-An, Michael recently returned to school to study for his master’s degree in social work, planning to eventually work with people who have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Michael, like his father, received dialysis treatment when his kidneys failed. When Michael was on dialysis, it was the support of his care team and his soon-to-be wife that helped him stay strong.

Kristy-An and Michael were married in September 2006. By the new year, Kristy-An had undergone testing and found herself to be a donor match for Michael. Six months later, on World Kidney Day in March 2007, the newlyweds underwent surgery to remove one of Kristy-An’s two healthy kidneys and transplant it to her husband.

This year, as Kristy-An began fundraising, she celebrated the twelfth anniversary of her husband’s transplant, a moment that inspires her each year to dig in, give back and walk.

“The strength he had while receiving dialysis treatment and awaiting a transplant, and the strength I see in all of my patients, makes me want to show my support. That’s why I walk,” she said.

The company that Kristy-An works for, Fresenius Kidney Care, is part of Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), which serves as National Presenting Sponsor for the National Kidney Foundation’s 2019 Kidney Walks, and regularly rallies employees and their families to walk in support of people impacted by kidney disease. In 2018, FMCNA’s corporate contribution, combined with donations raised by FMCNA employees and their families, totaled more than $800,000.

Find a Kidney Walk in your area and register today at www.KidneyWalk.org!

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