Bendix Joins the National Kidney Foundation in a Life-Saving Partnership

r-BendixWhen corporations and nonprofits collide, the relationships are often short and opportunistic.

However, one local partnership has been bucking the trend. The National Kidney Foundation and Elyria-based Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems have been working together to promote kidney disease awareness for over five years.It’s a relationship that has made a life-saving difference for Bendix employees and local kidney patients. In fact, screenings and information provided by the National Kidney Foundation has led a number of Bendix employees to seek further treatment and medical advice due to having, or being at risk for, kidney disease.

“That’s the way this disease is, it sneaks up on people and those most impacted often don’t realize until it’s too late,” said Amy Solmos Wayne, Regional Director for the National Kidney Foundation. “Across the country, 1 in 3 people are at risk for kidney disease and more than 26 million people have it, while most don’t know it.”

Once Bendix saw the impact of NKF screening programs, it was a natural step that the company also saw the overall benefit of supporting the NKF mission to bring kidney disease awareness, prevention and treatment strategies to patients, professionals and those at risk in the local community.

“We hope this partnership will continue to promote the message of kidney health and the importance of the kidney score to more local organizations,” said Joe McAleese, president and CEO of Bendix. “NKF Serving Ohio has been a significant part of the health and wellness initiative at Bendix and has positively impacted the health of a number of our employees.”

The relationship that began in 2007 developed into a full-fledged corporate partnership that is now supported in large part by Bendix staff.

“As an organization we participate in a number of initiatives in the community,” said Barbara Gould,Director of Communications at Bendix. “Working with the National Kidney Foundation has been one of those commitments we’ve seen grow over the years, thanks in large part to the generosity and dedication of our workforce.”

Bendix employees geared up again this year to support the NKF at the Northeast Ohio Kidney Walk in Cleveland. Bendix’s employee walk team, known as the “Brigade in Blue”, are looking to break last year’s Kidney Walk fundraising record.

“We don’t want to throw down the gauntlet too much, but we are looking to be the top fundraising team for the fourth year in a row,” said Bendix team captain Julia Salvatora. “Last year we had more than 60 people come out without counting the children, and we’re growing bigger every year.”

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