Soldier Saves a Life at Home

DallasSoldier Brandon and Bernadette_December 4 2013Dallas, TX – Bernadette Gail Moten was taking a morning trip to the corner store when she happened upon a radio station street team that would help change her life.

The 57-year-old Plano resident had been on dialysis for kidney failure since 2007, and the 106.1 Kiss FM crew asked her, on air, if there was anything she wanted.

“Dialysis was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Moten said. “So, I told them that I was on dialysis and needed a kidney.”

It was a long shot, but the call over the radio reached Dallas resident Brandon Vance, who was having a routine commute to work when he heard Bernadette’s message.

“It just sounded like something I needed to do,” Vance, 29, said.

Vance, who did three tours of duty in Iraq with the U.S. Army, was a perfect match for Bernadette. After months of additional testing, the transplant finally went through in late 2011. The experience was life changing not only for Vance, but for Moten who was finally off the painful schedule of dialysis.

“I get to enjoy life now and there is so much I am thankful for,” Moten said. “Brandon gave me life, and now I really take care of myself because I know I have a part of someone else inside of me.”

After initially shying away from telling his story, Vance has decided to become an advocate for organ donation and kidney disease issues. He participated in the Dallas Kidney Walk and shared his story with hundreds of others who have been affected by organ donation and kidney disease in Texas.

“For awhile I kept the donation quiet,” said Vance. “Then I realized this is an important message to get out there. I want more people to look into living donation and organ donation so we can get people who are waiting off that list. To me, it’s the right thing to do.”

9 thoughts on “Soldier Saves a Life at Home

  1. Good job Vance. Wear that scar with pride. I recently gave a kidney to my father…you are a great hero for donating to someone you had not known.

  2. Grate job Vance…… god bless you…I wish there is more people like you out there.
    My husband is on dialysis and on the transplant list for 2 years. I wish I could have giving him a kidney but that not possible because of my health problems, I hope and pray he will get a kidney soon too. I must say you are bless.

  3. Thank you, Vance, for sharing your story, I am also hesitant to share my story (I gave to a stranger 2 years ago), but if your story reaches 1 person who is willing to give, it is worth it! Keep up the good work!

  4. I am receiving my kidney transplant this Dec 18th 2013. A friend is my match. None of my family members are matches. I am Thankful, humbled by this wonderful woman that is giving me the gift of life! Organ donors are Gods angels!!

  5. WOW, you’re a true hero! Protecting our country and giving such a tremendous gift to a perfect stranger. That’s the meaning of LOVE.

  6. That was an excellent job. You did the right thing by coming forward, so that others will know. We
    are put here to help each other. I would say that you have a generous heart. What good is money
    and riches, because we can’t take it with us. You are a hero. Thank You so much, because you have helped someone in need, not just by serving our country, but shaping the world. May God bless you and your family for your generosity. I am glad that you stepped up to the plate. Because you have blessed someone you will be blessed also. Good deeds that are given from the heart in, such a situation needs to be shared, so that others will come forward. a boaster doesn’t share good deeds in hopes to help someone, they do it for their own selfish purpose. All you did was to help spread the word. You are a leader. I want to Thank you for what you have did! Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for getting involved, in such an organization that doesn’t discriminate.
    Thank you, Thank You…..
    S. cherry

  7. Wow what a wonderful story. My husband has been diagnoses with nephotic syndrome 15 years ago. He has now gone into renal failure. My daughter and I will have ourselves tested. Such a trying time. May God bless you all and thank you for sharing your stories

  8. Thanks for your service!! I’am currently on Diaslysis since December 2013 and Praying every day that I will soon get a kidney.. I know God is able. God Bless you.

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