A Walk to Remember

Kidney disease took Phil Cooper’s father. Now he wants others to learn about kidney disease before it’s too late.


 Trenton, NJ – Phil Cooper knows what it is like to have kidney disease change your life. He watched his father, Theodore Cooper, spend over five years on dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant which extended his life five more years.

“While on dialysis, my dad did remarkably well dealing with the daily struggles that would, for many, be insurmountable challenges,” Cooper said. “He continued to travel and live life. Kidney failure doesn’t have to be the end of life.”

Phil, his family, and many employees from his Lawrenceville-based family owned and operated pest control company honored Theodore’s life by taking part in this year’s Central NJ Kidney Walk.

Cooper Pest Solutions, started by Theodore in 1955, raised over $2,700 for the National Kidney Foundation by raffling baskets, recruiting teammates, and sending out emails to friends and families, hoping to raise not just money, but also awareness.

“The majority of people with kidney disease don’t know they have it, that’s why we need to get the word out,” said Cooper. “By getting involved we’ll continue to help the members of community that are affected by kidney disease and kidney failure.”


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