2013 National Kidney Walk Ambassadors

Walk_Lockup_NewLogoWe are pleased to announce our 2013 National Kidney Walk Ambassadors – the Brandon Family, the Imbriale Family and the Paglio Family.  These families were nominated by their local staff partners and will serve as the faces of the Kidney Walk this year by sharing their stories on a national platform.  We will introduce each family over the next few months by posting their stories on social media, the Kidney Walk website and in other publications.

What is a National Kidney Walk Ambassador?  A National Kidney Walk Ambassador is a family or individual who shares his/her story to inspire others and raise awareness and funds for kidney disease during the upcoming walk season.

What are the expectations of a National Kidney Walk Ambassador?

  • Agree to share story and pictures for use in National Walk Materials including but not limited to, brochures, blog postings, Kidneywalk.org website
  • Nominees have participated in their local Kidney Walk for at least a year and are planning on continuing their support for the following year
  • Agree to participate in local walk related activities as well as occasional national calls to inspire staff and volunteers
  • Contribute occasional blog posts for the Kidney Walk blog either to share their story, major milestone in treatment, or to motivate walkers

How are the National Ambassadors chosen?  Kidney Walk Ambassadors are nominated by local divisions and affiliates in the summer.  A maximum of three ambassadors will be chosen from the following categories (Nephrologists, Donors, Recipient, Caregiver, Patient) by National Kidney Foundation Leadership.

How can I become a National Kidney Foundation Ambassador? Contact your local National Kidney Foundation Office.

For more information please contact Deanna Bucciarelli at deanna.bucciarelli@kidney.org.


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