Tot’s Fight Against Kidney Disease Inspires Family

Megan McSween_New York_November 5 2012Instead of sleepovers and visits to the park, Megan McSween, 6, has spent much of her young life in doctor’s offices and surgery rooms. Megan was born with a congenital kidney disease which resulted in hydronephrosis — a dangerous backup of fluids in the kidneys.

“She’s been through so many surgeries, but she has such a high spirits,” her mother, Natilee, said. “We tell her it’s because she has special kidneys, she likes that.”

While the surgeries keep Megan’s kidneys functioning as long as possible before she eventually needs a transplant, she continues to go to school and finds time to inspire her mom, dad and brother to give back and take up the fight against kidney disease. Her 14-year-old brother is forming a club at high school to promote kidney disease awareness; Natilee has joined a support groups for parents who have children with kidney diseases; and the whole family has a Kidney Walk team for the New York City Kidney Walk.

Megan herself has appeared on local television stations to spread the message of kidney disease, and even got to meet celebrity Nick Cannon at the New York Walk. The McSween family wants to show support to other families and raise awareness of kidney disease in the community.

“I want people to be more aware. We knew nothing about this. It’s important to know there are other people going through this, and that there is hope,” Natilee said.

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