Congratulations to our Spring Walks!

Over the last 6 months, the National Kidney Foundation hosted 62 walks that raised approximately $4.4 million. Thank you to all our volunteers, walkers, team captains, committee members, donors and anyone who helped make these events possible.  We certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Grossing Walks from the Spring Season.  (These numbers are based on the total recorded in our system.)

2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 $372,927.20
2012 Baltimore Kidney Walk 5/6/2012 $233,174.69
2012 Silicon Valley Walk 6/9/2012 $196,048.99
2012 Northeast Ohio Walk 6/10/2012 $164,510.87
2012 Long Island Walk 6/10/2012 $163,596.94
2012 Atlanta Kidney Walk 5/19/2012 $156,602.34
2012 Northern New Jersey Walk 4/29/2012 $156,504.81
2012 Dallas Walk 4/21/2012 $153,164.36
2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk 4/29/2012 $153,098.79
2012 Houston Walk 4/14/2012 $148,416.28

Also, check back in the upcoming weeks as we highlight top walkers and teams from across the country!

Remember to follow us on Twitter @NKF  #kidneywalk.

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