Congratulations to our Spring Walks!

Over the last 6 months, the National Kidney Foundation hosted 62 walks that raised approximately $4.4 million. Thank you to all our volunteers, walkers, team captains, committee members, donors and anyone who helped make these events possible.  We certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Grossing Walks from the Spring Season.  (These numbers are based on the total recorded in our system.)

2012 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo 5/20/2012 $372,927.20
2012 Baltimore Kidney Walk 5/6/2012 $233,174.69
2012 Silicon Valley Walk 6/9/2012 $196,048.99
2012 Northeast Ohio Walk 6/10/2012 $164,510.87
2012 Long Island Walk 6/10/2012 $163,596.94
2012 Atlanta Kidney Walk 5/19/2012 $156,602.34
2012 Northern New Jersey Walk 4/29/2012 $156,504.81
2012 Dallas Walk 4/21/2012 $153,164.36
2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk 4/29/2012 $153,098.79
2012 Houston Walk 4/14/2012 $148,416.28

Also, check back in the upcoming weeks as we highlight top walkers and teams from across the country!

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Looking Ahead to Fall Walks

As our Spring Season comes to a close this weekend with our Sioux Falls, SD Kidney Walk it’s time to look to the Fall Season ahead.  If you haven’t yet participated in a Kidney Walk for 2012, Fall is your chance to take a lifesaving step!  Below is a full listing of our Fall Walks:

September 2012

  • 9.8.12 – Milwaukee Walk, Milwaukee, WI
  • 9.9.12 – Ann Arbor/Brighton Walk, Ann Arbor, MI
  • 9.14.12 – Salt Lake City Walk, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 9.16.12 – Utica Walk, Utica, NY
  • 9.16.12 – Eastern Iowa Walk, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • 9.16.12 – Rochester Walk, Rochester, NY
  • 9.23.12 – Buffalo Walk, Buffalo, NY
  • 9.29.12 – Roanoke Walk, Roanoke, VA
  • 9.30.12 – Louisville Walk, Louisville, KY

October 2012

  • 10.6.12 – Kansas City Walk, Kansas City, MO
  • 10.7.12 – Lehigh Valley Walk, Allentown, PA
  • 10.7.12 – Genessee County Kidney Walk, Flint, MI
  • 10.7.12 – Philadelphia Walk, Philadelphia, PA
  • 10.13.12 – Southeast Iowa Walk, Ottumwa, IA
  • 10.13.12 – Twin Cities Walk, Twin Cities, MN
  • 10.14.12 – Wilmington Walk, Wilmington, DE
  • 10.14.12 – Columbus Walk, Columbus, OH
  • 10.14.12 – New York City Walk, New York, NY
  • 10.18.12 – Orangeburg Walk, Orangeburg, SC
  • 10.21.12- Los Angeles Walk, Pasadena, CA
  • 10.28.12 – Boston Walk, Boston, MA

November 2012

  • 11.3.12 – Lakeland Walk, Roanoke, FL
  • 11.3.12 – Richmond Walk, Richmond, VA

If you’re ready to sign-up visit and find the walk nearest you.

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Going Mobile is the Way to Go!

Kidney Walk is mobile which means it is now easier to reach your fundraising goal than ever before! You can ask friends and family to donate, check your fundraising progress and thank donors for their gifts all from the palm of your hands.  Our walkers who have downloaded the app for their iPhone and Android devices agree it’s and easy way to fundraise.

Below are some testimonials from walkers who have already gone mobile for Kidney Walk.  Scroll down for links to the app store.

 “The Kidney Walk app was so easy to download and use.” – Ruth, MI

“I was shocked at how many more people I could ask for support right from the app.  It was so easy and I surpassed my goal.” -Ron, TX

“The app store is easy to navigate and the Kidney Foundation makes it easy to find by including links in their correspondence.  It was fun to be able to track my progress right from my phone!” – Stacy, NJ

“I use my smartphone for everything, so adding the [Kidney Walk] app was a logical fit.  Once I downloaded it, the support came pouring in and I was able to reach my goal.” – Greg, MD

Remember the app will only work for registered walkers so go to and sign-up for a walk near you.

If you’re on your mobile device you can download the apps now by clicking these links: iPhone App Store or Android App Store

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Double Your Impact for Kidney Walk

You’ve just made a personal donation, sent out emails to family and friends and downloaded the Kidney Walk app for your phone…but you want to do more.  Matching gifts are a quick and easy way to double your impact and further help the National Kidney Foundation.  Matching gifts are a way to engage your employer in your fundraising efforts for Kidney Walk and help the NKF support the 26 million Americans living with chronic kidney disease and the 73 million Americans at risk because they have high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of kidney disease.

You can access our matching gift information by visiting

Click here to download information about matching gifts that you can share with fellow walkers and donors to have their impact doubled too!

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Happy Kidney Walk Weekend!

We can’t think of a better way to kick-off summertime and the month of June than with Kidney Walks! We would like wish Good Luck to the Kidney Walkers taking lifesaving steps at walks around the country this weekend!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

  • Memphis Walk – Memphis, TN

Sunday, June 3, 2012

  • Scranton Walk – Scranton, PA
  • Central New Jersey Walk – Trenton, NJ
  • Cincinnati Walk – Cincinnati, OH

There’s still time to sign-up and walk! Visit and find the walk near you.

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