Make it Personal

It’s WalkTalk Wednesday…what’s your story?  We all have a story to tell, a reason we support the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk.  Maybe it’s a family member, a close friend, someone you met waiting in line or whose story you read on a blog…maybe it’s YOU.  No matter WHO your reason is for walking we want you to share that story on your personal fundraising page.  There’s no better way to reach your goal than sharing your reason with potential supporters.

Not sure how to start sharing?  See below for ways to share and other useful tips.

If you’re a registered walker, simply log-in to your participant center and click on the link to “edit your page”.

If you’re not yet registered, go to and find a walk near you.  Once signed up you will be directed to your participant center where you can edit your page.

Tips for Sharing Your Story

  1. Use pictures.  People connect more when they can see a picture of the person you’re walking for.
  2. Avoid too many medical terms.  Medical terms become second nature when we have a person in our lives living with kidney disease, but remember your story can be share with many people on a click of the mouse who may be unfamiliar with the acronyms or terms.
  3. Relate it back to NKF. How has NKF been there for you through this difficult time?  Make sure to share that in your story to show people that we’re all in this fight against kidney disease together.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @NKF #Kidneywalk and Facebook too!

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